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This site was in use from 2006 to 2008, but is now mostly dormant, and the material here is out of date. The GiveWell project has similar goals and is being actively maintained. I've left the old content here just for the historical record.

Charity Scorecard

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Map of United Nations Human Development Index levels as of 2003
This web site is a tool for helping people decide which charitable organizations to donate money to.

How does it work?
People create scorecards, and use the scorecards to rate charities based on whatever criteria they find useful. Different people can use different scorecards for assessing things like organizational transparency or cost effectiveness. You can use the scorecards to help decide which organizations to donate to.

Who uses it?
Brian Skinner is using Charity Scorecard for deciding how to allocate the money in his Skinner Fund. He plans to rate organizations based on a set of scorecards and give money to the highest rated charities.

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